A Younique Review


Over the past weeks I have noticed several new Multi Level Marketing companies being announced. Because i enjoy research nearly as almost as much as I enjoy writing I figured it might be advantageous to examine and write about every one these new companies. I suspect these new organizations are being announced at the moment for a number of reasons.

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Mr . trump and Robert Kiyosaki show that Mlm will be the business of the century.

Inside a down economy many people start their particular business, a Network marketing business may be began with much fewer resources compared to what is often considered a conventional business.

The smart money, since it is called, believes we're starting another recession. Did everyone spot the Dow Jones Averages dropped 300 points on Nov 7, 2012?

It ought to be a fun time for MLM, for it is claimed, "When you can not find a job, you need to build your own job."

With this introduction why don't we consider Younique. This Younique (there will be several companies using the name Younique) announced in October 2012 with all the type of social network joined with a party plan. The merchandise is beauty and fashion products, with practicing the distributors, (referred to as presenters) on the way to use the beauty items.

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Younique stated goal is usually to build women's confidence all over the world. Building anyone's self esteem is certainly a worthy goal. The stated initial cost becoming a presenter is a rather modest 99 USD. With beauty products including make-up to shoe jewelry there appears to be a massive amount products, plus if any presenter introduces a product on the company, along with the company decides are the product in their production, the presenter gets royalties after they remain a presenter.

With leggies already part of Younique products, apparently Younique would prefer to include clothing and clothing accessories, gloves, scarf's, etc for their line. I suspect this will become necessary because the beauty items incorporate some rather steep competition from the 3 major established companies.

Anyone fitness professional a Younique presenter should consult the business to ensure the link, or no, between Younique introduced in October of 2012 as well as the younique products, jeans, jackets, shoes, sweaters, etc, which have been in the marketplace for a long time. This 'new' company may very well be an exam marketing strategy together with the intent of introducing many additional products were the organization can roll out products in the existing line.